about me



Born in Basel (CH) in 1977. I grew up in an artistic family where vernissages & concerts were part of the daily life.

Son of a Swedish mother and a Swiss father I was early influenced by both the Nordic & the Swiss multilingual society. This has made an impact on my life choices.

In 2006 I graduated as bass player & got my bachelor from the International Music College Freiburg (Germany). In 2008 I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark.

‘Play every note like it’s my last’

With a father who played the double bass and worked with free improvisation, I learned a lot about the instruments possibilities. The desire to make musical experiments grew, and that’s why I wanted to explore new ways and genres, and worked with different musicians, such as:

Osvaldo Caffi, Alexia Gardner, Richard Dobkowski, Pierre Lassailly, Dübi’s Big Band, Roger Helou, Christian Neff, Flemming Danielsen, MC Zipp, Kaare Munkholm, Dr. Lundberg, Håkon Lervåg, Øystein Wingaard Wolf, Solfrid Molland, Jim Neversink, ...

and he has several critically acclaimed releases with:

niceland, Love Your Way, insieme, mosso, …

The free improvisation has followed me my entire career, and it has characterised and affected my way of bass playing  & living. The result of this is my solo work and the co-work with several artists from the dance-, poetry and drama scene.

In 2014 the co-work with artist Agnes Skipper (Danish painter) started.

We both needed a space to combine different kinds of art in a free environment, and the idea of Numas Igra immerged.

Numas Igra is not only a artvenue where artists of any kind exhibit. It's a creative workshop where everyone can share ideas, be part of happenings, exhibitions, concerts, poetry-slam...

A place where the only limit is your imagination!